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We are the experts in workers’ compensation. 

At David Healey Solicitors, we pride ourself in our expertise in personal injury. When you’ve been injured, dealing with the workers’ compensation and personal injury systems can be an extra stressor in your life. 

We have been helping first responders, government employees and other Canberrans since 2017. Let David Healey Solicitors help you get the best outcome for you. 

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First Responders

From police officers, firefighters, to paramedics, we understand that you can be injured while keeping our community safe. David Healey Solicitors can assist if you suffer injuries at work. 

Medical Negligence

Negligence can happen when you’re receiving the medical care you need. If this happens to you, you may be entitled to compensation. 

ACT and Federal Government

The Comcare scheme covers a variety of federal and ACT government departments. If you are employee of one of these governments and you have been injured at work, David Healey Solicitors can assist with the ins and outs of the Comcare and EML proceseses.